The Ribwich

Or, as close as we are likely to come to the drool-inspired noises of Homer Simpson when he happens across the ribwich at Krusty Burger. You can even get the ribwich tour tshirt. Amazing.

At Brick Lane market, a muscly, chiseled  gentleman is manning the grill, or standing over it anyway, shredding the meat off hundreds of ribs, soaked in BBQ marinade, and his lady friend is taking orders and filling wraps or white rolls with the meaty filling.

I came to brick lane late in the day, and walked the wrong way to get there and spent some time in the wilds of petticoat markets (NOT recommended, just go to Tooting if you want that sort of nonsense). So by the time i came upon the magic of Brick Lane, there were food halls i was not expecting, mexican food stalls, vegetarian ethiopian food stands, and some amazing korean bim bim bap that was six deep to get to the front.

But, I digress, the ribwich. Which is not called the ribwich at all, but a rib sandwich. At £5, its not uber cheap, but it is uber tasty. I had the wrap version, and the sweet salty meat tasted fantastic – but not spicy, which suits me just fine. Easily the hangover food of the Gods, it was also the right amount of heavy, and sticky, and will happily fill you with tummy contentment.

Avoid disappointment and head there by 1pm, he has been running out last few days due to popularity.

Follow the rib man on twitter – @theribman but be warned – he is a fervent west ham supporter.

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  1. mark gevaux says:

    a very good article!!!

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