Multivegetable paella

Bekki, Ashley and I went to High Street Kensington today, for some sunday afternoon wandering, and I had plans of going to Anthropologie for a very specific plate. They didn’t have it, and the Circle and District lines weren’t running (and HOW is the tube going to cope during the Olympics??!), but Ashley did steer us into Ottolenghi. After seeing how amazing the food looked, Ashley and I have a new deal – to cook something out of the Ottolenghi cookbook we have at home, once a week.

This multi vegetable paella was the most wonderful tasting paella I have ever had. The ingredients list is long, but throughout the book similar herbs and spices are used (stock up on saffron, okra and broadbeans!) so they do go to good use. Not stirring while cooking the paella down was hard for me, not going down the risotto style. The shelling of broadbeans is mindless work, and the temptation to eat the marinated artichokes and olives is tough. But my oh my what a dish.


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