The Baguette of the Ducks

Duck confit baguette at Borough Market, LondonI don’t usually have duck. In fact, I’m not sure i have had it before moving to the UK in 2010. But, as I wandered past a massive vat (and it was a massive vat… well, kind of – a little like a bit paella pan I suppose) of duck confit at Borough Market entrance (by Monmouth coffee entrance), it was hard to say no.

The meat, as you can see, is fall-apart soft, with the right bit of caramelised stickiness on the occasional edge. Mustard and some greenery are served inside the baguette, and for £3.50 it is very hard to say no. I would suggest having a large bottle of water at the ready though – this much duck and you are going to need a drink to help get it down, no matter how much liquid its been relaxing in.

One Response to “The Baguette of the Ducks”
  1. Cin says:

    Ah, to visit Borough Market again soon is a dream of mine! Thanks for dropping by and, yes, please use my jaunt as a stepping stone for getting back into Melbourne life when you return.

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