If in doubt, roast a chicken.

Don’t you hate it when you’re writing a food blog, but then make something so delicious you have eaten it before taking a picture of it? Yeah. I’m a bad blogger today.

But, I think Bill Granger is entirely to blame. I finally amazon-ed his Everyday Asian book, and my word its terrific. It makes asian cooking and flavours as simply and as easy as they should be. I have been missing quality southeast asian food while living here in London, and in retrospect, should have got this book much sooner.

One of my theories in life is that if in doubt, roast a chicken. And when roasting a chicken is impractical, then moisurising is a good second option. But roasting a chicken – that is what i do most. By the time you are through getting the bird ready for it’s cookin’, the smell wafting through the house, and to pulling it out 1hr 20 min later and eating it while it’s still too hot – things are not only so bad, but you usually have figured out some answers or options.

On page 123 of Everyday Asian, you will find the recipe of sticky soy roast chicken. A mixing of the marinade – onion, garlic, soy, sugar, oyster sauce – and basting of the chook every 20 minutes means you get the most delicious, moist bird, tangy with the soy, and even though i am trying to Dukan, there is no way you don’t want to eat the skin too – scorched, brown, shiney. The only thing i found difficult was not eating it all as I was serving it up, and on a more technical note, there was a lot of timer setting on my phone to rebaste. I wonder about breaking the breast bone down a little so that the marinade would stick more over the breasts – and when i test that out, I will be sure to take the picture before inhaling the bird.

You can get Bill’s Everyday Asian from Amazon, or if you are in the UK, its even cheaper from The Book People.

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