Beef rendang

I can’t walk past the shelf in Tesco, or any supermarket, where the put all the discounted -about-to-be-thrown-out groceries, especially when it comes to meat. And this, the rendang, came about because Kennington big Tesco was selling off the stewing steak for 81 pence.

As I move through the lifestyle change that is Dukan and packing boxes of cookbooks to ship overseas, Bill’s Everyday Asian has been of great comfort. I love asian flavours (yes, I know that is not very specific, I suppose I mean south east asian flavours and things that involve the saltiness of soy sauce) and as there are a plethora of spices to use up before shipping out, everything was already in the cupboard, minus the lemongrass.

Alongside the sticky soy roast chicken, this beef rendang totally stands up as a beautiful classic to get into, and make over and over again. It is a slow cooking recipe that will take 2 – 2.5 hours to make itself available, but like all good curries, is even better the next day, reheated. A scattering of bright green fresh parsley make it come to life, and don’t forget to salt it up.

You can get Bill’s Everyday Asian from Amazon, or even cheaper if you are UK-side  from The Book People.

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