Quick Apple Cake

You know, the saying that goes, ‘when life gives you lemon, make lemonade’… I say screw that. What you need is apples. Apples and butter and sugar. cook them, and then you have instant warmth and happiness, no matter how shite you feel, it helps pull you through the darkness. and today was a pretty … Continue reading

aunt elva’s apple cake

first, i had to find a loose bottomed flan tin. do you know how funny that term is??! anyway, i couldnt find the 18cm one stephanie asked for, but i did find a 20cm one, so decided to give that a whirl. Assembly and preparing the cake took a little bit of juggling that if … Continue reading

bircher museli

I’m still early in my ‘cook-every-recipe-in-the-book’ challenge, and have decided to try and go chronologically through the book. that should be easy. 1126 pages. 700 recipes. why not. this was easy to put together… did it all the night before, in fact, i did it while i still had the shopping out while waiting for … Continue reading

buttered apple

yay! my first recipe… have skipped over the abolone chapter for now 🙂 – apples are on sale, so they seemed a good idea… smell [5/5]: awesome. sweet, caramely, apples, pudding – like. perfect for winter or autumn nights at home. taste [4/5]: really good! i wasnt excited about it to be honest… i don’t … Continue reading