Belgium: christmas market food

No one goes to Brussles in winter looking for health food. You want hot, thick, rib sticking food that makes you feel like you can make it through the sub zero temperatures. Which is why i was so confused i lost my appetite while there! I went specifically for the Christmas markets, which was on … Continue reading

Coq au riesling

i have been in a massive chicken mood lately… so tonight was a nigella recipe that used the darker chicken meat, thighs, instead of breasts. it has got to the point where my room is a debacle, the books i didnt mean to pack i already have, the ratio of books to clothes is way … Continue reading

warm bean salad with a bacon garnish

Okay, so the whole, working through the book chronologically is a little harder than first thought – mainly because i didnt think it through at all. While im going to proceed through the book as a  general guide, i will make more progress if i try and make something from it most days… and thus, … Continue reading