Beef rendang

I can’t walk past the shelf in Tesco, or any supermarket, where the put all the discounted -about-to-be-thrown-out groceries, especially when it comes to meat. And this, the rendang, came about because Kennington big Tesco was selling off the stewing steak for 81 pence. As I move through the lifestyle change that is Dukan and … Continue reading

Hix, Soho

I am about to head back to the Melbourne side of things, and as such, have a collection of eatings I wish to attend to before this takes place. Hix, ever since I saw a tweet picture featuring hanger steak, has been on the top of that list. Hix is the child of Mark Hix, … Continue reading

British Pie Week: Retro Shepherd’s Pie

This isn’t the first thing I have made out of The Australian Women’s Weekly Retro cookbook, but so far, it’s my favourite. I think it was the first time i have ever used minced beef (although the recipe asked for lamb) without canned tomatoes, but it was straight forward happy cooking with additions of butter, … Continue reading

This is all you need to know: 159 Brick Lane

It is loaded with salt beef, its on a chewy, dense beigel, and it was cheap cheap cheap. Salt beef is what I  knew as corned beef, but my british housemate tells me never to eat things labeled cornbeef here, as it usually disgusting and full of bacteria. So, I do as I am told, … Continue reading

Roast beef roll with horseradish

The sun isn’t shining, but it is warm, and definitely muggy. I am meeting friends for a surprise birthday / farewell that starts at Borough Market, and works its way to Greenwich when we decide we need sustenance before walking to the first secret location, the Tate.  While looking for the hog roast man, the baguette shop / … Continue reading

middle eastern meatballs

These weren’t as good as i wanted them to be – which is a shame. it could well have something to do with how lazy i was in making them… my knives suck so finely chopping onions is a nightmare, so it was more of a rough chop… when i get around to getting one … Continue reading