If in doubt, roast a chicken.

Don’t you hate it when you’re writing a food blog, but then make something so delicious you have eaten it before taking a picture of it? Yeah. I’m a bad blogger today. But, I think Bill Granger is entirely to blame. I finally amazon-ed his Everyday Asian book, and my word its terrific. It makes … Continue reading

Moroccan Trid

It’s interesting when you find yourself turning into your mother. For me, this manifests in how I put on face cream and reading recipe books in bed. I love it. And when I saw in Jamie magazine a new one called A Month in Marrakesh, I couldn’t wait to get it. Written by the Jamie … Continue reading

Coq au riesling

i have been in a massive chicken mood lately… so tonight was a nigella recipe that used the darker chicken meat, thighs, instead of breasts. it has got to the point where my room is a debacle, the books i didnt mean to pack i already have, the ratio of books to clothes is way … Continue reading

carb up, im moving out! favourite fried chicken and spaghetti.

i don’t think i can love another more than i love my toys. i don’t really need to say what they are – my iphone, my mac – but they just make me love them more and more when i get to spend time with jamie on the jamie oliver app, complete with recipes, shopping … Continue reading