Salmon pasta with creamy lime sauce

Okay, so the story with this, is that i was totally sold on the title alone. I found it on the Australian Women’s Weekly website. I love all white foods, and the starchier the better. However, i conveniently forgot that creamy pastas aren’t my thing. Lucky it is my housemate Ashley’s thing…! Super easy, and … Continue reading

Mackerel Bap from fish kitchen!, borough market

I have a really lovely friend, called Sarah. She is the sort of friend that everyone will introduce like this – their lovely friend, or their special friend, or their really funny friend – and Sarah is impressive as she ticks all these boxes. She was leaving for the brighter pastures of Melbournia, and a … Continue reading

blue eye cutlets with cumin

well, kind of. No blue eye to be found at the fish shop or in coles at victoria gardens, so went with a fresh basa fillet. i have no idea how different they are – but really….. can’t be that far apart, surely…? smell [4/5]: it smelt great!! garlic and cumin… was so warm and … Continue reading