Hix, Soho

I am about to head back to the Melbourne side of things, and as such, have a collection of eatings I wish to attend to before this takes place. Hix, ever since I saw a tweet picture featuring hanger steak, has been on the top of that list. Hix is the child of Mark Hix, … Continue reading

The Baguette of the Ducks

I don’t usually have duck. In fact, I’m not sure i have had it before moving to the UK in 2010. But, as I wandered past a massive vat (and it was a massive vat… well, kind of – a little like a bit paella pan I suppose) of duck confit at Borough Market entrance … Continue reading

Multivegetable paella

Bekki, Ashley and I went to High Street Kensington today, for some sunday afternoon wandering, and I had plans of going to Anthropologie for a very specific plate. They didn’t have it, and the Circle and District lines weren’t running (and HOW is the tube going to cope during the Olympics??!), but Ashley did steer … Continue reading

The Ribwich

Or, as close as we are likely to come to the drool-inspired noises of Homer Simpson when he happens across the ribwich at Krusty Burger. You can even get the ribwich tour tshirt. Amazing. At Brick Lane market, a muscly, chiseled ¬†gentleman is manning the grill, or standing over it anyway, shredding the meat off … Continue reading