slow cooked jamaican pulled pork

It is the breakfast of champions. I sometimes think should I ever write a cook book, it would be titled just that, such is my love for incredible breakfasts. Chances are it wouldn’t include anything that required berries though. This is embarassingly easy, and not a recipe as much as an assembly job. It’s derived … Continue reading

The Ribwich

Or, as close as we are likely to come to the drool-inspired noises of Homer Simpson when he happens across the ribwich at Krusty Burger. You can even get the ribwich tour tshirt. Amazing. At Brick Lane market, a muscly, chiseled  gentleman is manning the grill, or standing over it anyway, shredding the meat off … Continue reading

merna’s sausage rolls

woohoo! i LOVE sausage rolls 🙂 These were good. cheap to make, especially when all you have to buy is the mince. problem is, the recipe asks for 150g or pork mince, and unless you go to a real butcher, the smallest amount i could find it in was over 500g packs…. i am never … Continue reading