Beef rendang

I can’t walk past the shelf in Tesco, or any supermarket, where the put all the discounted -about-to-be-thrown-out groceries, especially when it comes to meat. And this, the rendang, came about because Kennington big Tesco was selling off the stewing steak for 81 pence. As I move through the lifestyle change that is Dukan and … Continue reading

If in doubt, roast a chicken.

Don’t you hate it when you’re writing a food blog, but then make something so delicious you have eaten it before taking a picture of it? Yeah. I’m a bad blogger today. But, I think Bill Granger is entirely to blame. I finally amazon-ed his Everyday Asian book, and my word its terrific. It makes … Continue reading

British Pie Week: Retro Shepherd’s Pie

This isn’t the first thing I have made out of The Australian Women’s Weekly Retro cookbook, but so far, it’s my favourite. I think it was the first time i have ever used minced beef (although the recipe asked for lamb) without canned tomatoes, but it was straight forward happy cooking with additions of butter, … Continue reading

Multivegetable paella

Bekki, Ashley and I went to High Street Kensington today, for some sunday afternoon wandering, and I had plans of going to Anthropologie for a very specific plate. They didn’t have it, and the Circle and District lines weren’t running (and HOW is the tube going to cope during the Olympics??!), but Ashley did steer … Continue reading

Moroccan Trid

It’s interesting when you find yourself turning into your mother. For me, this manifests in how I put on face cream and reading recipe books in bed. I love it. And when I saw in Jamie magazine a new one called A Month in Marrakesh, I couldn’t wait to get it. Written by the Jamie … Continue reading

Broccoli Salad – it’s not as bad as it sounds!

My housemate loves broccoli. I don’t mind it. It’s green, it’s kinda funny looking… and the best way I think to eat it, other than in this salad, is to put the florets standing up in sweet mash potato so it looks like a forest. But really, this is much more grown up, and tastes … Continue reading

Pomegranate Salad

Leon, if you havent heard or been, is a fast food restaurant that has a healthy message. They are brightly coloured, slightly retro feeling places, heavy on the graphic design in their books (they are beautiful!), and while moderately priced, taste quite marvellous. My co-worker recently had been rabbiting on about the Leon pomegranate salad, … Continue reading

Jossy’s Burmese spiced cabbage

I can’t say why I felt like making this tonight – I think it’s the graphic design happy pages of the Leon cook book…

Roast Crispy Cauliflower