Chorizo Roll @ Brindisa Grill, Borough Market

Let’s set the scene. Stumbling up the last few steps to street level from London Bridge tube, the steam from hot exhausts on wet roads rises, and car fumes mingle with the florists and BBQ grills. It carries all the way through to the entrace of Borough Market and it’s raining, but only just, and … Continue reading

Borough Market finds: Sausage Roll @ the Ginger Pig

For something that can really be bought for dime a dozen, this is one that reminds you why sausage rolls are so damn good. it really was that good – it was perfection in pastry. The Ginger Pig is a butchery stall at Borough Market, serving loads of sausages, including those of the gluten free … Continue reading

flight QR11 Melbourne – Qatar

i find the drying qualities of refresher towels quite outrageous, so i chose to waive my right when the steward delivered the first of many bounties to my window seat.  but, in the interest of full disclosure, i included it in the picture. Below it is a Zoom hard candy lolly, which was fruit flavoured. … Continue reading

merna’s sausage rolls

woohoo! i LOVE sausage rolls 🙂 These were good. cheap to make, especially when all you have to buy is the mince. problem is, the recipe asks for 150g or pork mince, and unless you go to a real butcher, the smallest amount i could find it in was over 500g packs…. i am never … Continue reading