Beef rendang

I can’t walk past the shelf in Tesco, or any supermarket, where the put all the discounted -about-to-be-thrown-out groceries, especially when it comes to meat. And this, the rendang, came about because Kennington big Tesco was selling off the stewing steak for 81 pence. As I move through the lifestyle change that is Dukan and … Continue reading

Moroccan Trid

It’s interesting when you find yourself turning into your mother. For me, this manifests in how I put on face cream and reading recipe books in bed. I love it. And when I saw in Jamie magazine a new one called A Month in Marrakesh, I couldn’t wait to get it. Written by the Jamie … Continue reading


I love Shakshuka. I have been really lucky to have been able to travel, and one of my favourite food memories is of going to Dr. Shakshuka in Jaffa, Israel. I recall it being hard to find, and everything was in hebrew, so not sure how we managed to find it. I do remember it … Continue reading

4 ways with zaatar

I LOVE ZAATAR. There. I said it. And now on with the post. The thing with zataar, is that it will never let you down. Too little? No problem. Too much? Just extra tasty crunchiness in my book. I had been driving around Israel for 6 days, and in a country the size of a … Continue reading

Resurrection Quiche

The ants are hurrying around, the sun is hot, the Easter Bunny has been via Tesco and neighbours on our left are playing evangelical Easter hymns, while the ones to the right are playing Kayne West. It’s Easter Sunday in Kennington, in all it’s rich, varied, cacophonous glory.

blue eye cutlets with cumin

well, kind of. No blue eye to be found at the fish shop or in coles at victoria gardens, so went with a fresh basa fillet. i have no idea how different they are – but really….. can’t be that far apart, surely…? smell [4/5]: it smelt great!! garlic and cumin… was so warm and … Continue reading