British Pie Week: Retro Shepherd’s Pie

This isn’t the first thing I have made out of The Australian Women’s Weekly Retro cookbook, but so far, it’s my favourite. I think it was the first time i have ever used minced beef (although the recipe asked for lamb) without canned tomatoes, but it was straight forward happy cooking with additions of butter, … Continue reading

Non food post – free books to a good home!

Having just read The Happiness Project by Gertrude Rubin, I am in declutter and lighten the load mode. This seemed the easiest place to put a list of books I am getting rid of. If you would like any of the following, please let me know. No postage, pick up only (London) šŸ™‚ I bought … Continue reading

The Baguette of the Ducks

I don’t usually have duck. In fact, I’m not sure i have had it before moving to the UK in 2010. But, as I wandered past a massive vat (and it was a massive vat… well, kind of – a little like a bit paella pan I suppose) of duck confit at Borough Market entrance … Continue reading

Belgium slideshow

5 things to freeze about

No, stupid, not freeze as in cold… freeze as in, cook now, freeze for later. (BTW the ‘No’ is to beĀ pronouncedĀ the Australian way, with all vowels used, nasal tonality, and extended in length.) I live a pretty normal life. I work 5 days,Ā socialiseĀ weekends, and also I am constantly hungry and perpetually on a budget. Except … Continue reading


I haven’t posted in ages!! I better go on it… let the post-it noting and bookmarking begin!

4 ways with zaatar

I LOVE ZAATAR. There. I said it. And now on with the post. The thing with zataar, is that it will never let you down. Too little? No problem. Too much? Just extra tasty crunchiness in my book. I had been driving around Israel for 6 days, and in a country the size of a … Continue reading