Moroccan Trid

It’s interesting when you find yourself turning into your mother. For me, this manifests in how I put on face cream and reading recipe books in bed. I love it. And when I saw in Jamie magazine a new one called A Month in Marrakesh, I couldn’t wait to get it. Written by the Jamie … Continue reading

This is all you need to know: 159 Brick Lane

It is loaded with salt beef, its on a chewy, dense beigel, and it was cheap cheap cheap. Salt beef is what I  knew as corned beef, but my british housemate tells me never to eat things labeled cornbeef here, as it usually disgusting and full of bacteria. So, I do as I am told, … Continue reading

5 things to freeze about

No, stupid, not freeze as in cold… freeze as in, cook now, freeze for later. (BTW the ‘No’ is to be pronounced the Australian way, with all vowels used, nasal tonality, and extended in length.) I live a pretty normal life. I work 5 days, socialise weekends, and also I am constantly hungry and perpetually on a budget. Except … Continue reading

Mackerel Bap from fish kitchen!, borough market

I have a really lovely friend, called Sarah. She is the sort of friend that everyone will introduce like this – their lovely friend, or their special friend, or their really funny friend – and Sarah is impressive as she ticks all these boxes. She was leaving for the brighter pastures of Melbournia, and a … Continue reading


I haven’t posted in ages!! I better go on it… let the post-it noting and bookmarking begin!


I love Shakshuka. I have been really lucky to have been able to travel, and one of my favourite food memories is of going to Dr. Shakshuka in Jaffa, Israel. I recall it being hard to find, and everything was in hebrew, so not sure how we managed to find it. I do remember it … Continue reading

Chorizo Roll @ Brindisa Grill, Borough Market

Let’s set the scene. Stumbling up the last few steps to street level from London Bridge tube, the steam from hot exhausts on wet roads rises, and car fumes mingle with the florists and BBQ grills. It carries all the way through to the entrace of Borough Market and it’s raining, but only just, and … Continue reading

Borough Market finds: Sausage Roll @ the Ginger Pig

For something that can really be bought for dime a dozen, this is one that reminds you why sausage rolls are so damn good. it really was that good – it was perfection in pastry. The Ginger Pig is a butchery stall at Borough Market, serving loads of sausages, including those of the gluten free … Continue reading

Broccoli Salad – it’s not as bad as it sounds!

My housemate loves broccoli. I don’t mind it. It’s green, it’s kinda funny looking… and the best way I think to eat it, other than in this salad, is to put the florets standing up in sweet mash potato so it looks like a forest. But really, this is much more grown up, and tastes … Continue reading

slow cooked jamaican pulled pork

It is the breakfast of champions. I sometimes think should I ever write a cook book, it would be titled just that, such is my love for incredible breakfasts. Chances are it wouldn’t include anything that required berries though. This is embarassingly easy, and not a recipe as much as an assembly job. It’s derived … Continue reading