Hix, Soho

I am about to head back to the Melbourne side of things, and as such, have a collection of eatings I wish to attend to before this takes place. Hix, ever since I saw a tweet picture featuring hanger steak, has been on the top of that list.

Hix is the child of Mark Hix, a man who loves steak. It has an achingly hip bar down below, but I stayed up top – it was 6pm after all. Walking in I was struck how 90s New York City it looked – a lot of black lacquer and mirrored walls, with whimsical mobiles featuring what looked like from where i was sitting – neon hoola hoops, a flamingo, and at the other end of the bar, hanging tins of either fish or canned ham. That’s right. There was more than a few passing thoughts where it felt a little mafia-ish, but really, for a girl from Melbourne that just feels pretty cool to me. (Our mafia are just cashed up bogans.) (A bogan is like a chav.)

I had thought that i would be economical by going for the set menu which is available until 6:30pm, but found once I go there, it would be crazy not to go for a decent piece of meat – not the minute steak that was on offer. I perhaps should have been more educated on what and where the hanger steak originates from, and next time, will not order it medium well – it’s best seared.Hix Hanger steak, baked marrow and fries.

Hanger steak is almost a gamey sort of taste, rich, and heavy. It’s so named the way it hangs from the diaphragm – and previously what the butchers would sneakily keep for themselves.

So, alongside this hanger steak is something of magic, deliciousness and now, necessity. Baked marrow. Ah-maz-ing.

The baked marrow comes split, with a crumbed sort of stuffing sitting inside, like a marrow bone canoe. It kinda defies description, as i sit here thinking about it – I just lost a few moments in the misty daydream of eating it again. Savoury, buttery, breadcrumby, parsley flecked – and deliciously fatty. It melts in your mouth, and your tongue will say oh my god, never lets this end. All this comes trio of saucesalongside a wooden platter with a trio of sauces.

Finally, the sides – I went straight up classic and got the chips. I have tendency to favour the cheapest part of the meal when eating out, and this came close, but the marrow beat the chips. But, they were fab – crispy, crusty fries, extra savoury tasting.

hix chips

As I go to post this, I find a recipe for the hanger and baked marrow – score!!! Baked marrow obsession, here I come…

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